Step into the Director's Chair - Behind The Scenes footage

Embark on a journey behind the lens, where every project is a cherished chapter in my cinematic story. The behind-the-scenes gallery offers an intimate look at the making of my favorite works—each a unique and rewarding challenge.

Join me on set as we bring visions to life. Experience the dedication, energy, and passion that infuse each frame with meaning.

Meet the incredible talents, both behind and in front of the camera, who breathe life into every scene. It's the collaborative spirit that transforms concepts into reality.

Witness the transition from days of meticulous planning to the intense hours or days when the magic unfolds. My role involves capturing moments infused with rhythm and pressure.

Behind-the-scenes is a realm of hard work and joy. It's about leaving nothing to chance, embracing challenges, and savoring the creative process.

Collaboration is at the heart of my craft. Working with talented individuals, we choreograph each frame in a dance of creativity.

Revel in the satisfaction when a well-crafted plan comes to fruition. This gallery is a testament to the magic that unfolds when meticulous planning meets creativity.

Step into the world where imagination intertwines with reality. Behind the scenes, where the cinematic narrative unfolds.

Tomer Capone on the set of adidas originals campaign directed by Greg Kotler
Director Greg Kotler on set of adidas originals
Director Greg Kotler with Artist Yael Shoshana (Lola Marsh)