"running needs nothing" 

In an era dominated by excess, Adidas champions the essence of simplicity in sports with its campaign, "Running Needs Nothing," unveiled on March 1, 2023. In a world where more is often deemed better, Adidas takes a bold stance, celebrating the purity of running and the freedom it embodies. This campaign boldly declares that running requires nothing more than your presence—no frills, no elaborate gear, not even shoes are deemed essential. In a nod to the authenticity of the sport, Adidas invites individuals to embrace the unadorned joy of running just as they are. It's a powerful message that cuts through the noise of our relentless age, emphasizing the liberating spirit of running in its purest form.




it was born free 

goal-post free. hoop-free, finish line free,

Running is open 24/7 x 365

it needs no appointment or meeting point. 

it doesn't care about who gets there first,

whether you are breaking records 

or setting a record for too many breaks. 

Running just needs you to show up 

and run as you are.

Running needs nothing but you. 


Director Editor Greg Kotler

DOP Adel El Haj

AC Adam Gera

Concept Gaia Maltsawi

Creative director David Schenirer 

Agency act3

Music Massive Music

Photography Dedvin, Yotam Shwartz 

Production Or Koshen, Eldad Cohen

Client adidas