I’m selling my Contax T2 and I made a book about it

About the film 

"Dive into the soulful ambiance of our short art film, created with the sole purpose of showcasing Yotam Shwartz's debut photo book. Shot amidst the picturesque locales of Berlin during the autumn season, this film exudes an indie spirit that captures the essence of the book's unique narrative. In just 15 seconds or less, we aim to forge a compelling connection between the viewer and the captivating ideas within the pages. The raw, natural visuals, and immersive audio design combine to create a sensory experience that transcends traditional promotional efforts, inviting you to explore the world of Yotam Shwartz's debut photo book in a captivating and unforgettable way."


Director & Editor Greg Kotler

Photography Yotam Shwartz

Art direction Roberto Ruiz

Sound Design Ohad Nissim

About the book 

Measuring at 21x26 cm and comprising 148 pages, this debut edition encapsulates Shwartz's artistic odyssey. With a soft cover and printed on 400 copies of recycled paper in Berlin 2023, this is more than just a book; it's a visual and literary experience.

In the inaugural publication, titled 'I’m Selling My Contax T2 and I Made a Book About It,' Shwartz takes readers on an introspective journey through a combination of raw photography and a diary-like narrative. This unique invitation challenges readers to see the world from a different perspective. Across 148 pages, each image and every word represent steps along a challenging path, offering an intimate glimpse into Shwartz’s essence.

The book seamlessly weaves self-reflective writing with a captivating collection of analogue images, providing insight into the emotional nuances captured through the lens of a Contax T2. This three-year experiment culminates in the auctioning of the camera, transforming the publication into the diary of a 30-year-old millennial. It serves as a philosophical and psychological self-analysis, a tapestry of memories, and quite possibly, photography's most elaborate sales pitch for a point-and-shoot.

This limited first edition, self-published project consists of only 400 copies, all meticulously printed in Berlin on quality recycled paper. The design of the book mirrors its narrative – vulnerable, raw, and fragile. Shwartz presents himself to the audience without a protective cover, embracing exposure as fertile ground for profound growth, much like the journey of life itself.